THE TABLE is built around the fearless facilitation of hard truths that are currently creating barriers to embedding DEI into your organization’s framework. Our DEI training sessions are customized, theory-based, and accessible to all learning styles. 


Research-Based Trainings

Our consulting practice is both theoretically based and human informed. Founded by the first Associate Director of Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging Programming for eCornell, considered one of the most reputable D&I certificates in the world, our approach is uniquely educational and based on the most up-to-date research and theory. It is also accessible because of the thousands of professional students across a wide variety of industries and positions, Dr. Brown has engaged with through this role. We get real with your team from the get-go, diving into qualitative and quantitative insights to fully understand your company’s unique DEI challenges before presenting solutions.


Sustainable Strategies

Most companies are unsuccessful because they treat DEI like a soft skill. However, cultivating genuine inclusions demands the same rigorously, technical approach as mapping out your Q1 goals. We help move ideas into tangible actions that you can embed into every aspect of your business, i.e. Marketing, Finance, Leadership and not just limited to HR. We are committed to providing you with a sustainable roadmap to success.


Research-Based Trainings

The first step is the hardest! We know many of you have the best of intentional, but are so afraid of making the wrong move and worsening a situation. That’s why our team is prepared to guide you in co-authoring a strategic plan that makes the most sense for your unique, employment community. You will play an active role in whatever we design so that it feels authentic enough to be successfully carried forward, even after our contract is finished.

More About Our Approach

As we shared, our founder is a doctor, just not the medical kind. Using her training in Anthropology and Education from Columbia University,  she does make diagnoses using both qualitative and quantitive methodologies that best identify the pain points currently plaguing your org’s culture and climate.


We will start with surveys. Surveys are an effective and scalable way to pinpoint challenges at the team and demographic level. They help us understand the equity-issues facing mid-size and larger teams that might be corrupting the overall culture of the org.

Focus Groups

Led by a trained applied anthropologist, we understand the importance of  focus groups as an effective methodology  to help us develop custom strategies to address your organization’s specific  pain points. Focus groups add the human elements we need  to ensure that we are not misreading any perceived systemic inequities.


1:1 interviews helps to create safe spaces for those team members whose communication style doesn’t work well in a (focus) group setting.. We will use individual interviews to create spaces for your more underrepresented to share their unique  experience without fear of being outed.  

360 Reviews

Finally, we offer a full 360° review of key hiring practices like employer brand, hiring and recruiting, onboarding and offboarding, performance management, employee engagement, recognition, and growth with a lens for inclusion and equity to identify areas for improvement.


We are building on the most up-to-date and innovative research and frameworks that already exist within the DEI space. Our creative approach is centered in engaging a diverse cross-section of employees to co-create strategies that specifically address challenges created by employee oversight and bias to align towards a shared, pragmatic vision for the future. You will be assigned your own strategist team of specialists that can specifically address your unique cultural pain points. They will work with you to create a clear roadmap for implementation with a clear outline of the resources needed to make it happen, and systems to hold your leadership and teams accountable to be involved.


Our approach to DEI is anything but performative. We pride ourselves on creating systems for authentic change. That’s why fearless facilitation is the anchor to how we address existing cultural gaps around inclusion (tensions). Here are just a few examples of how we can support you:

Transformative Training Sessions

Because many on our team are academics, trained in the special arts of presenting unfamiliar information in engaging and attainable ways, our workshops and trainings are the secret sauce to our consulting strategy. Using methods tried out during our founder’s time at Cornell as a facilitator of D&I courses offered to global professionals across many industries, we have figured out the perfect formula for a training session that is equal parts informative, vulnerable, and transformative. In our sessions, we help create mind shifts around existing tensions that currently have your organization stuck. The materials that we use empower understanding across different perspectives and backgrounds, resulting in more trust and psychological safety throughout your org. We create safe spaces for unconscious bias, both individual and organization, to be safely explored and mitigated. We present clear opportunities for more allyship and up-stander intervention.

We believe this knowledge is so important to every office that we also offer more affordable, downloadable micro-trainings for those with limited training budgets.


We offer a variety of coaching options, anything from short-term to long-term, individual and group, leaders and employees. Our goal is to meet everyone in your org exactly where they are in their DEI journey and help them feel confident to advance to a level that will best support the growth and dynamics of their teams.

Office Hours

Building our academic background, one of our most effective strategies are our office hours or Ask/Tell Me Anything Sessions. Many orgs attempted townhall meetings as a means to engage employees in hard conversations right after George Floyd’s murder. This was largely unsuccessful. We are uniquely trained to lead large, multi-level groups through courageous conversations that actively offer DEI vetted solutions to simple employee issues.

Developing Your ERG and DEI Council Strategy

Employee Resource Groups and DEI Councils are an excellent strategy for providing your staff with a more empowered and informed voice. Your DEI strategy needs clear systems of support or it can easily appear surface and ineffective. It can also easily become a disempowering drain on your more underrepresented employees. We will help you avoid the typical pitfalls associated with ill-informed DEI plans.

Access to a Robust Resource Library

We fully acknowledge that we do not know everything about every aspect of DEI, but do know who does. For the last few years, we have been collecting a robust list of DEI-related articles, books, frameworks, and practices from the leading scholars and practitioners in the field. We will create a customized resource list that directly addresses your organization’s specific needs so that your learning can continue long after you finish engaging directly with our teams.

We hope you are excited about all the services that we provide! Get in touch now to start planning a strategy that uniquely works for your organization’s culture.