We help Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practitioners go from overwhelmed, unsure, and overextended to better supported, informed, and empowered.

Here's how THE SEAT can support your DEI Needs

THE SEAT is a private, membership group of DEI professionals which uses training sessions and group coaching to support each other in designing and developing practices, policies, and strategies that support organizations in providing more equity for their historically marginalized employees.

It is a safe space for those offering these services to come together and support each other on their professional and personal journey in creating more inclusive workplaces all over the world.

The road to helping create a more inclusive world can often feel lonely, scary, and overwhelming, especially with all of the “helpful” books, articles, and certificate programs floating around. As a community member, you will gain access to a more personalized space for your DEI journey.

This is the membership for you, if...

  • You are already a DEI practitioner, or on the road to becoming one, who is finding it hard to figure out where to start with all the DEI-related books, articles, and links floating around.
  • You are learning what DEI means for yourself personally, but are having trouble identifying what unique value you can bring to the space. You also are unsure how to apply these principles to the organizations you work with or in.
  • You know that doing this work is a journey but you need some support around creating concrete action plans and guides to help you along the way.
  • Your organization has tasked you with “fixing” the culture without providing adequate direction, resources, or support.
  • You are an organization that realizes that your internal stakeholders need more direction, resources, and support than you currently have access to.

Our Membership Includes

Creating a culture of belonging requires each of us to harness our ability and our responsibility to ensure that those we serve feel welcomed, valued, respected, and heard. We model these same values with our membership. When you join THE SEAT you get access to:

  • A monthly virtual 90-minute meeting where we will cover a new DEI-related topic, tool, or strategy followed by break-out sessions and large group discussions
  • Working group sessions where every member is given the opportunity to present their own work, followed by peer-led feedback, suggestions, and support around their ideas
  • Access to the following types of content:
    • Audio-Visuals: Live & recorded presentations, interviews with experts, lessons, demonstrations, slide decks
    • Interactive: Q&A, coaching, community sharing
    • Text: Articles, transcripts, PDFs, templates, lesson plans, shared resource library
  • One monthly Ask Me Anything session with our founder, Dr. Mikaila Brown, where we can talk about specific challenges you are facing in your current DEI work.

Meet our Founder

Hi! I started working in the space of equity after completing my doctorate in Anthropology and Education from Columbia University in 2009. My unique value to the DEI space is my experience as an entrepreneur,  educator, and DEI expert. Wearing these three hats simultaneously has helped me develop a strong empathic ability to see many situation from all sides.  My experience as the head of Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging programming at eCornell, inspired me to make DEI more accessible and invite practitioners to actively see themselves in both the inclusion conversation and solution. I’d love to start a conversation with you, so…




We are currently opening this private membership to Founding Members only. If you wish to be considered for our official launch to the public in January 2023, please sign up here: